UX design / Wire frame for a consumer app


Label design

Web page design for a game company


Share hotel cost, get to know new friends, explore the city together, with best rates from Hilton, Crown Plaza, Best Western, Marriott etc.


Chargist is an iphone app helping EV driver reserve charging station.

Mango Run – The Most exciting (and noisy) game by implementing MEGAPHONE SDK.

We are creating the most exciting (and noisy) game by implementing MEGAPHONE SDK. This is a game for those people who are waiting in front of the restaurant to kill time. One can… Continue reading

Android app for Washing Machine

Eco navi is an app of Panasonic washing maching that helps in energy saving performance of daily used appliance. The mobile application allows the consumers to not only connect with any washing machine… Continue reading

Buy and sell, anytime anywhere with your iPhone or iPad

The thinking behind 30 seconds was to reevaluate the way people buy and sell online.  The team set out to create a buying and selling experience that is not all that different than… Continue reading

Social discount app

Helps making ‘sharing’ of user’s discount and saving information from their purchase experience with other users super easy through highly engaging and addictive way.

Open box – an iphone application

•Share shopping excitement & purchases with friends •Organize & track your stuff •Easily lend, swap, or sell items within your social circles •Sell only when your friends are interested Download OpenBox_Presentation