Ice-cream Mountain

09_LIU Qian .jpeg

Promotional poster for the large scale children’s plays Ice-cream Mountain.  In September 2005, I joined the play’s design production team, and for the next three months I was responsible for character design as well as promotional posters design.  The thoughts behind the promotional poster design was to create a completely bear world including bear mountains, bear clouds, etc.  Everything was drawn in a bear form as much as possible.  I, and my research team spent a month gathering different materials containing bear shapes, photographs, film, etc.  My design team discussed colors and slowly evolved specific models.  The final result was used as the main promotional material in all forms of media.  After the promotional posters were released the tickets quickly sold out two months before the December performances.

10_LIU Qian .jpeg

After researching bear shapes, reading the play’s script and discussions with the costume designer, I was able to conceive design models for the play’s main characters and their costumes.  Character and costume design had to take into consideration, the play would be performed in a stadium to a large audience (10 000) as this would have a great impact on the actor’s performance as well as consider costume design practicalities.

1.PAIPAI -(left No.1)is the main character of the play who is a mischievous child willing to bravely face danger.  I designed a pilots cap and fashionable large glasses to portray an image of liveliness and provide a hint of hero image of this little bear who would save everyone.

2.  MIMI-(left No.2) is a little bear who has just moved in and becomes friends with PAIPAI. She is vain and proud, and her dream is to one day grow wings and fly.

3.  TUOTUO -(left No.3)is PEIPEI’s timid friend.  He wears a metal helmet and is a stout and clumsy figure.

4.  Blue Bear-(left No.4) Chief’s name is Grandfather Red Beard and is MIMI’s grandfather.  He likes to sing and dance and his greatest ambition is to hold a singing performance.

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The script’s only unique character, a small alien bear, called DUDUDU.  After several attempts, I finally decided to use a metallic feeling as the model’s basics thus producing a clear difference between him and the other bear characters’ furry feeling.  The opaque eyes design enabled the actor to see clearly during the performance, and the body’s multi-colored bears coupled with a red heart give a futuristic feeling.  Most importantly this design fulfilled the spirit of the script.

1.  Draft design:  Indicated different impressions of using an opaque eye design.

2.  I am wearing DUDUDU’s head costume behind stage.

3.  After the character image release news conference, these images were very well received by children and were created into toy souvenirs sold at the performances.  At every performance these souvenirs sold out completely.

13_LIU Qian .jpeg

A series of dream segments.  In harmony with the mood of the play, I superimposed different images in the video.  I used hand painted images to emphasize the difference between these frozen segments and the other video segments used during the play’s performance as well as give an overall dreaminess effect.  This video production style enabled me to create a completely different feel for these segments.

12_LIU Qian .jpeg

Accompanying video backdrop production for the play Ice-cream Mountain.  This is a photograph of the video I produced broadcast on stage.  The video was produced according to the needs of the script.  In composing the images I had to pay special attention due to the restrictions according to the stage’s screen size as it would have a great influence on the effect of the cartoon images.

1.  The repeating video of moving ice cubes.  Original video length:  3 minutes.

2.  The final celebration video.  The main part is a robot bear containing many cartoon elements echoing onstage images.  Primarily to emphasize the victorious final scene.  Original video length:  6 minutes 40 seconds.

3.  Opening scene of the play.  The stage lights are dimmed to where the audience can only see the stage screen cartoon images.  The onscreen cartoon images are of a book opening, and turning a few pages.  Each page shows a few cute bear scenes.  Then the next page’s words begin to move.  Original video length: 2 minutes 42 seconds.

NOTE:  Due to copyright restrictions I am unable to provide a video copy of the three works listed above.