Posters + CD cover

01_LIU Qian .jpeg

This work was done for the special edition Mountain & Water Longings, a digital music composition that merges digital and traditional Chinese music elements.  Many folk musical instruments and traditional folk songs combined with ancient royal melodies are melded together into a modern popular digital music special edition.  This piece uses some classical method such as the keyboard representing mountains, and flute and zither representing water. The resulting melody successfully embodies the majesty and mellowness of mountain and water.  I boldly used the colors yellow and green for the theme and water for the background.  The rolling waves portray a tension, an interaction between the theme’s mountain and water.  The dim line of Chinese traditional colors along with the paper cut lotus design implies the spirit of fusing two into one.

02_LIU Qian .jpeg

The Chinese understanding of magic is that of illusion with a sense of mystery.  The first time I heard Magic, I felt the closed intensive space of the music.  The music’s minimal characteristic lets the mind float in a semi dream state.  The Chinese characters used in the cover’s design are the result of combining parts of each word into a separate word, even the graphics are Chinese characters.  The result is a visual and readable graphic design.  The design of this special edition permitted me to use one element – to leave a large, white emptiness.  In the center, multi-colored lines interline going into a square box.  I wanted to give the impression of limitless possibilities, limitless imagination.  The CD box cover and CD cover all use the multi-colored lines box as the theme element.  (This CD is now sold in most music stores)