Users Interface design

04_LIU Qian .jpeg

SonyEricsson company requested the mobile phone S700 interface design have a clear main theme incorporating changing styles with different interfaces.  Rabbit and Turtle idea came from a cartoon I had done in the style of the famous video game Mario.  The cartoon shows the race between a turtle and a rabbit.  I cut video sections of the cartoon to produce the S700 series interface.  This interface was placed on SonyEricssons’ mobile phone interface download web page, and for the next few months was one of the most popular downloads.  To this day I still come across people using this interface design on their mobile phone.

05_LIU Qian .jpeg

Again, for the S700 mobile phone series, I decided on a cute theme this time.  The design uses slowly changing colors of pink and yellow, along with some beautiful elements to create a theme particularly popular with women users.  I personally like this style.  I continued to design more interfaces for SonyEricssons’ the mobile phone series:  K300, K500, K700, K750, P900, and T628 all with different designs.

06_LIU Qian .jpeg

OICQ (1998 – present) is the most popular online chat software used in China.  In February 2005, OICQ held an online competition for its users to design their software’s skin.  I entered the competition and won an award for my interface design.  I changed the shapes of the user’s single style icon menus on the left into exaggerated shapes appearing on the top of the design.  Every icon is easily discernible from each other and yet maintain a uniform style.  The main color themes use red and blue setting off my design’s theme of “Connecting with the Future”.  However, this design has one flaw:  The visual effects are too strong and use up too much space in the system to be effective.

07_LIU Qian .jpeg

Media Player on Windows-I produced a MP3 player with the idea of emphasizing a metal feel.  The casing and buttons are all metallic.  The oval shaped outer casing increases the comfort level when held.  The system’s operating menus are mainly graphic image icons.

03_LIU Qian .jpeg

This set of icons was an assignment for my Junior year Users Interface course.  The requirements were freedom in creativity but the work had to form a unified series.  I like cats and hand draw small things.  So I hand drew different cat shapes and six cat related objects.  Finally I changed them into icon forms.