Webpages Design

16_LIU Qian .jpeg

Music web site design.  Emphasizes interactive experience.  Clicking on the icon button provides different model backgrounds.  The primary color is light gray so as to create a modern clean feel to the web page.

17_LIU Qian .jpeg

I was planning on establishing an “Eye Magic Design Studio” and so designed this page.  The design is completely according to my own preferences.  The page’s navigation tools primarily use images.  The mouse symbol is a small GIF cartoon.  My goal was to create something both tiny and detailed.  My idea of a good website not only has fresh colors but also a happy, airy design.  Most importantly, to provide the user with a new innovative and interactive experience.

18_LIU Qian .jpeg

Personal Web page Design – Second Edition

This is the second version of my personal web page.  I want to try out a different color arrangement to give a new feel to my web page.    Shown here is the INDEX page.  The theme is a brain surrounded by flowers that accept and infuse the brain’s nutrition, representing my endless acceptance of new “nutrition” so as to maintain and build upon my creative process.  The flowers are divided according to the web page’s subsections and their themes are icons, thus different icons enter into different pages.

14_LIU Qian .jpeg

Video game web page design for Kingsoft Company.  Web page design for Stone Age.  As the web page contained a lot of written text, I kept the contents simple where the written text was located so as to make it easily readable.  On the top of the page I designed elements reflecting the video game’s theme, and placed the main theme “ke” (meaning carve) on a stone echoing elements of the stone age while at the same time giving a new twist to the image of the game.  The Chinese word’s design maintained the readability of it while incorporating elements of the overall theme of the website.

15_LIU Qian .jpeg

World Cup theme for Kingsoft Company.  Green is used as the primary hue.  The football’s black and white coloring is used for the edges.  The visual effect is eye-catching.  The green background is composed of a variety of hue changes to give the background a spacious effect.  At the same time this kind of arrangement also cleverly separates the written information area and the results area.