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“6:311” is a stage play where the performance is a combination of actors interacting with digital video images.  It was during a summer break that I was invited to produce the digital video performance for this experimental play.  I, and my team of four, completed the digital video production within one month.  This was my first introduction to plays, and so learned a great deal during the digital video production process, technically as well as learning how to work with the entire production crew and actors.  The video’s production primarily contains square shaped elements, in fact all of the projected images were created from square shaped elements, eg square shaped water droplets, square houses, square shaped rays of light.  The entire stage set design, from lighting to stage props were all designed on the basis of the square shape creating a unifying visual effect.  The performance was a success and was reviewed on in several newspapers.







I am in the team(from left NO.7 white Tee)