Rabbit and Turtle

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Awarded “Special Award” in the Digital Media Art Competition for Students of Arts Academies of China’ s cartoon division.  This was the first time I used FLASH to create a cartoon.  I decided to base my work on the story of the Rabbit and the Turtle because everyone in China knows it.  The story line is the fast rabbit and slow turtle decide to race.  The rabbit loses to the turtle because it slacks off during the race.  Due to time limits, I did not use many details from the original story to design the video.  I decided to use a format based upon “Mario” because it would enhance the sense of racing.  I did change elements of the story with the rabbit committing fouls instead of slacking off.  I let the rabbit get in front resulting in the rabbit committing fouls.  Finally, they reach the finish line together in harmony, their animosity gone.  The story emphasizes an end with everyone being a winner.  I used video cuttings from this work to create SonyEricsson’s mobile phone S700 user interface.  I wanted to use different ways to tell a story.

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