Chorus is a website which ppl can post their voice or any sound by using MMS.
I like play around with music or sound .I am wondering is there any way that i can play around with people’s voice.since i have learn sending messages from mobile phones that include multimedia content. This can be audio, text, video, images and so on. I came out this idea: people recording their voice in different pitch then fellow the instruction post it on the Chorus website. The track list will be show 1 track on the top. when the track list have 4 tracks (track list maximum is four . when a new track comes in , the old one which is on the top will be take off automatically).so When people hit play button . four sound track will play at same time. It could be a “happy birthday “song with 4 different pitches or could be different voice mix or different language mix together .alos i found this is a good way to learn the pronunciation of other language for example: when you want to know how to pronounce “nice to neet you “in chinese with a short sentence but you dont know how to ? you can just simply record your question or request and send them to the website. then you will find some one will answer your question and you can play and hear this sound again and again.
want to try? go to :Chorus

All website is made by myself