In real life everyone, or at least some of us, have eavesdropped in on private conversations. So along this line of thought I want create this work: An entire building where any window can be hear what the people inside are saying by using cell phone access. each number on cell phone key board (From 1-0 numbers) represent each windows in the building. when you press a number on cell phone, for example: 9, the number 9 window will light up also can hear whats the conversation in that room at same time.
I use Asterisk to map the telephone part. use php and aJax to control the windows turn on/off.

here is a simple pic which is show how those thing can work together

wanna spying this apt? go :APT
right now is still working on how to make Astersik talk to php in order to make windows light up then people hit the cell phone button!
but right now when you dial the number you can hear whats going on in each room!