Barto-an iphone application

Barto is a location based mobile application that allows people to exchange or barter everyday items or skills/services of equal value. The app is a sophisticated matching system that allows people an alternative to discarding their items and connects them with other like-minded individuals interested in being a part of a mobile bartering community that recycles unused items in an efficient and low maintenance way.A major use of the app is to help budget-conscious individuals find useful goods and services of interest to them and to also find related “hidden gem” products of similar value that they may not have thought to search for. As users develop search habits, the system will retrieve not only results of items directly related to what was searched for, but also results of items indirectly related to the search, such as products in the same price/value range or in the same descriptive genre.

New Picture of Application UI  Update

Here are some UI Design for Barto

Barto app test 3

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 Barto is the winner of mobile design from the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011