Barto-an iphone application

Barto is a location based mobile application that allows people to exchange or barter everyday items or skills/services of equal value. The app is a sophisticated matching system that allows people an alternative… Continue reading


My new video. Explore the space on one surface

Design T-shirt for Threadless


In real life everyone, or at least some of us, have eavesdropped in on private conversations. So along this line of thought I want create this work: An entire building where any window… Continue reading


Chorus is a website which ppl can post their voice or any sound by using MMS. I like play around with music or sound .I am wondering is there any way that i… Continue reading

The Chair Stacking Game

I got the Chair Stacking game from MOMA two weeks ago. it is a really fun game! fits for ppl play together! I started play with myself. and after that i was thinking… Continue reading


AirMelody is a special speaker which can visualize the music. In this project, we are trying to bring the visualization out of the screen and display it in the real world. We set… Continue reading

Draw Calligraphy in the Air

Project “SHAN SHUI” which is combined processing and physical computing together . My Idea is create Calligraphy effects in processing , then project on the wall or some flat canvas and use brush… Continue reading

Media Controller

This is my Physical Computing midterm project! People can use Mr. Potato as a media controller to change the photos on the screen. Once I figure out how to let Arduino talk to… Continue reading

Motion Graphic

—–Hide and seek—— This is what I spent hrs and hrs, enjoy!