Stop Motion – EGGS

This is my stop motion assessment on the class. My idea was: two eggs have a contest to jump out of the table. one is cheated because he is after hard boiled.

Shengong xi

The Unknown Martial Arts epitomizes something that no one sees.  This is a sentence from Hong Kong folk sayings.  This work was an assignment for a Video Production class.  Throughout Beijing, retired people… Continue reading

Rabbit and Turtle

Awarded “Special Award” in the Digital Media Art Competition for Students of Arts Academies of China’ s cartoon division.  This was the first time I used FLASH to create a cartoon.  I decided… Continue reading

Brain Melody -Motion Graphic

Senior graduating project. I used nearly three months to produce it. All the images I personally hand drew. The cartoon effects were produced using FLASH and then compiled using AFTER EFFECT. The title,… Continue reading



“6:311” is a stage play where the performance is a combination of actors interacting with digital video images.  It was during a summer break that I was invited to produce the digital video… Continue reading


My thinking behind this design is the computer’s keyboard and the human mouth is major communication tools.  Therefore I combined them together!


This work was done for a 3DMAX course’s final project.  I particularly liked this cartoon image.  In producing this model, I went through the four steps of model construction, lighting, pinup pictures, and… Continue reading

Users Interface design

SonyEricsson company requested the mobile phone S700 interface design have a clear main theme incorporating changing styles with different interfaces.  Rabbit and Turtle idea came from a cartoon I had done in the… Continue reading

Ice-cream Mountain

Promotional poster for the large scale children’s plays Ice-cream Mountain.  In September 2005, I joined the play’s design production team, and for the next three months I was responsible for character design as… Continue reading